Jogging on the Spot

  1. Jogging up and down
  2. Side to side
  3. Forwards and back
  4. Out and in
  5. Jumping up and down
  6. Lifting the knees
  7. Lifting the heels
  8. Back jogging

Roll the Shoulders

  1. (Alternate, forwards)
  2. And back
  3. Both together (forwards)
  4. And back

Side Stretch

Arm down to one side, raise other arm over shoulder. (Feel stretch from armpit to hip. Repeat twice each side.)

Leg Stretch

Step long. One foot forward, one back, drop down into the stretch. Other side.

Squat Thrusts

(One of:)

Lying on one Side

(One of various, on one side then the other:)

Onto Your Back

(One or more of various:)

Sitting Up

(Occasionally, one of:)


(Only rarely:)

On Your Front

(Only sometimes. One of various:)

Hip Stretch

Sitting up, heels together, push down with the knees.


Five press-ups, then we're up and running.


  1. Back jogging
  2. And faster
  3. Fast as you can
  4. Taking that down


Go Hard or Go Home!

Exercise Calls

  1. Check the weights/Winding that up
  2. And go
  3. And rest
  4. And go
  5. And change
(15s,30s,15s,30s,30s - each exercise 2:00, or 2:45 for triples circuits)

Countdown to the End

  1. Two to do
  2. On to the last
  3. And finish!


Sometimes commenced with light jogging.

Roll the Hips

(First one way, then the other.)

Arm Stretch

(One of the following, one way then the other:)

Leg Stretch

(One of the following.)

Lift One Leg

One foot standing, hold other ankle and pull back, switching that over.

Shaking that out. And we're all done and dusted!